Food Protection Alliance Web Design

By January 6, 2014 Sitefinity No Comments

Sitefinity was chosen as the content management system of choice because of its integrated platform capabilities available out of the box.

While FPA’s primary objective was to refresh their web and mobile presence there was an equal amount of emphasis on selecting a platform by which a customer portal and partner portal could be developed quickly.

With its domain based licensing, mobile add-on and integrated security Sitefinity naturally set the stage for FPA to accomplish this.

Additionally FPA was paying a monthly fee for a document management system that was difficult to use complex to secure and nearly impossible to brand. By using Sitefinity roles and document libraries FPA was able to eliminate that monthly cost and provide easier access to FPA documents for their team members throughout North America while retaining the FPA branding.

One of the business areas that FPA prides itself on is training and knowledge sharing. The blog and alternative publishing features native to Sitefinity were a natural solution for these needs. The alternative publishing specifically is an amazing feature that FPA uses to aggregate industry news from various different sources and subsequently surfaces that news in a mash up page, thus allowing FPA to become a single source for industry news.

As part of their marketing strategy and as a service to its clients FPA is making use of the Campaign functionality in Sitefinity. Having the campaign management functionality integrated with the content management system and Google analytics allows FPA to have a near real-time feel for what content their subscribers find interesting and what content this needs improvement.

Development of the FPA platform was accelerated by using Twitter Bootstrap based layouts along with jQuery components such as the Revolution slider. The Twitter Bootstrap based allowed for the quick addition of user components such as those used in the training library. It is estimated that 2-3 weeks of development were eliminated on the theme design thus allowing for project funds to be applied elsewhere.

Additionally the site design makes extensive use of Sitefinity’s reusable content blocks. The developers and designers were able to design tailored layouts and styles for these blocks that the end user could quickly and easily place anywhere on the page. The FPA user simply had to drag, drop and edit the text and Sitefinity took care of the rest.

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