Our Process

The process you practice determines the kind of team you have and the software you produce. We strive to be authentically grounded in all that we do. This is especially important to our process as we seek to be transparent and attentive to the needs of the people using our software. We do this through daily stand ups, pair-programming and well defined Agile processes.

Our Toolbox


InGen has been a custom ASP/ASP.NET shop since 1996 and while we have traversed many platforms and technologies increasing our expertise significantly along the way, we love writing good clean fast .NET web applications.


Whether you are launching a website, eCommerce store or building an intranet application, Sitefinity is our platform of choice.� Our team has quite a few successful Sitefinity projects under our belt and we’re always looking for more.

Sitefinity and Beyond.

Have an application of Sitefinity that is a bit out of the box. Not a problem. Our team is very adept at finding the right solution for specific problems using tools like Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery…the list goes on.

Telerik App Builder

For cases when you need to quickly build a maintainable mobile application. Our team can take your Sitefinity investment to the next level.

"We were impressed with the drafts leading up to the launch and now continue to receive positive feedback on the live site! Thank you InGen Technologies, Inc!"

− Kalah Schmitz - Food Protection Alliance

"We continue to partner with InGen for a number of reasons – their development and integration expertise allows them to move quickly and integrate effectively with our team. They consistently add value and bring critical skills and leverage new ideas at precisely the right time."

− Jim Kerr, Business Development VP Allegient, LLC., Indianapolis
Our Services


For clients who need to vet out an idea on Sitefinity, we’re happy to facilitate a discovery session with wire framing and story carding sessions, followed by an initial design and functional proof of concept. Our Sitefinity Designers and Developer can get you started off on the right foot with a solid foundation.


Working with InGen is much more than beyond widgets & templates – we help our clients with their team & process as well as their project. We offer comprehensive code, design and process reviews, and can help you with everything from your data infrastructure to your interviewing & hiring process.


For some clients heavily invested in Sitefinity they simply need a sanity check of their current implementation or their current deployment process from DEV to PROD. Having seen many complex projects our team can guide with in the right direction with what has worked in other places.

Project Development.

And, of course, we’ll help you take your project from idea to reality. We’ve designed & built everything from highly technical internal tools to customer-facing e-commerce and marketing sites. Whether you’re looking to launch something brand new or rework a legacy project, we’re ready to make it happen.